School marketing and admissions teams are under enormous pressure to locate, recruit, and admit the quality students that will thrive in their school’s learning environment. We understand these pressures because we feel them ourselves. We work with private school admissions teams day in and day out.

Before they start working with us, some clients vaguely feel that they “need to be doing more” for their
school’s digital media presence, but aren’t sure where to start. Others know exactly what they want to
do, but find that they do not have the capacity to take on the technical tasks that make for effective
digital marketing.

This is where we come in:

We are experts at managing all aspects of your school’s online presence. If it is online or digital and
affects your school’s branding and recruiting success, we can help you.

Sometimes schools ask whether hiring someone to help with their digital marketing is necessary.

After all, it isn’t too hard to make a Facebook post.

In a certain way, they’re right: The truth is that almost anyone can “do digital marketing.” But not everyone can do it well in a way that results in a better school brand and more admissions. Everything we do for our clients is data-driven and measurable. We do not implement “set and forget”
digital marketing strategies hoping that they get you good results. Instead, we monitor and actively
manage every digital campaign and activity. We will have frequent contact with you and will make
adjustments to get you the best results.

We are team players and supplement your team’s capabilities. Already love the messaging that your
team or marketing agency developed? Great! Let us be your specialists to spread that
message in the digital environments your prospects inhabit.

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We don’t serve schools, and car dealerships, and pet supply stores, and dentists. We serve schools. Period.


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