We can help you develop an effective admissions campaign strategy.  We live and breathe the private independent school recruiting cycle, right along with our clients.

We love it!

Let us help you craft a campaign strategy that will include:

  • creative messaging that communicates your school’s value in a way that moves the minds and hearts of your best prospect families
  • a digital media plan that ensures the messaging is reaching those families
  • constant monitoring and adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign

Independent private schools are the only clients we serve.   We have a depth of knowledge and experience in private school recruiting that you are unlikely to find at any other digital marketing firm.

Does what we learn from a campaign in Northern Virginia also apply to a school in Upstate New York or the Bay Area?  Probably.

Can the digital marketing techniques that are working for a school in Atlanta also work well for a school in Chicago or Texas?  Probably.

We can’t say for sure that what worked for a different school will work for yours, but we are always testing new campaign ideas and techniques, learning from the results, and improving the campaign in response to those results.

This learning and improvement cycle is how we harness the awesome power of digital marketing for our school clients: constant testing, monitoring, measuring, improvement, and results.

Let us help you to take advantage of the capability of digital marketing to maximize the effectiveness of your school’s admissions campaign this year.

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